Family Portrait

Every family has that one eccentric or awkward relative...

Short Film

Ever wonder why our studio is named GRETEL? It brings to mind that clever girl from the fairy tale who outsmarts a witch, but for us, it’s also a nod to someone even more inspirational—my grandmother, Gretel.

She ran a flower shop with a personality as vibrant and eccentric as the bouquets she created. Even today, stepping into any flower shop brings back memories of me as a little girl, being allowed to create the craziest bouquets in her shop. Her apartment was full of fantasy, filled with extraordinary designs and endless creativity. But it wasn’t just her surroundings that sparkled—her stories and unabashed spirit often left adults blushing.

Her uniqueness didn’t just inspire our studio’s name; it was also the spark for a project at the Royal College of Art. Tasked with creating a real or imagined family portrait, our internationally diverse group set out to explore family dynamics. We quickly discovered a universal theme: every family has that one eccentric or awkward relative. In my family, that was GRETEL.

So, GRETEL isn’t just our studio’s name; it’s a reflection of our philosophy to embrace and celebrate the quirky and unexpected in every story we tell.

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