Valentine's Heart Crew

How is your heart feeling today?

Illustration  | Animation

Happy Valentine’s Day from our Character Design team!

At GRETEL, we seize every opportunity to create and bring characters to life. Meet our Valentine’s Heart Crew – a collection of six unique hearts, each telling a story of their own.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all emotions, and our Heart Crew reflects the diverse stories that make us beautifully human. Not everyone may be a fan of this day, and that’s okay! How is your heart feeling today? Share your emoji in the comments!

Heart of Gold

Our generous, kind and compassionate friend who brightens every room. This sweetheart even shares their last cupcake with you.

Pure Heart

The innocent soul with intentions as pure as fresh-fallen snow. Loves a bubble bath and finds joy in life’s simple pleasures.

Broken Heart

Even a broken heart can’t resist the healing powers of ice cream – our resilient spirit is on a mission to conquer emotional storms one scoop at a time!

Cold Heart

This cool guy doesn’t like sharing his popsicle, but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Heart of Stone

Hold on a minute, is it genuinely as tough as it looks? Beneath that rugged exterior hides a squishy center, and guess what? A cheeky little flower couldn’t resist sprouting through the cracks! Nature always finds a way to soften the hardest hearts. #toughshellsoftcore

Big Heart

Our benevolent and supportive ally, always ready to lend a helping hand. This big-hearted companion is always there, holding your ladder to reach new heights.


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